Shayna Batya Shayna Batya

RD International Film Festival (MIFF) has selected Manchester-born, Miami-based environmental portraiture artist & photojournalist Shayna Batya (aka Jenny Abrams) as the official poster artist for its 31st edition (March 7-16, 2014).  For the 4th time in MIFF history, a photograph will represent the Festival.

Shayna's image is an homage to that great element of cinema syntax - the Close-Up.  The Close-Up tells us many stories - in this particular Close-Up, we can see a face that has been written on by time and many stories, the glory of experience. The photograph is a documentary shot from a fictional film set, using only natural light - which combines the 2 major forms that MIFF celebrates (features and documentaries).  And finally, it embodies MIFF's theme of "Every Character Under The Sun" - there's no doubt, that this man's character is as deeply ingrained as his "scars".

Artist statement: “One can tell so much or so little from a portrait photograph. Photography allows a viewer to guess if an image is “real” or not…Like film, a portrait photograph mirrors reality in a way that can be so convincing, it feels ‘real’. Everybody has a story, everyone is a character.”  – Shayna Batya

MIFF 2014 Poster

MIFF 2014

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